Thursday, June 24, 2010

A fawn

WELL there was a bit of excitement in the pasture this morning. We were done milking and had gone over to our friend's house (who lives right next door) to look at her goat. On the way back, we saw a tiny little fawn in the pasture! It was hot from running around. It's mother had obviously abandoned it. . . poor thing! So, we decided to catch it, which wasn't too hard. We were going to take it and call a wild animal rescue or something, but our friend said she was going to keep it! So now she has a little fawn. . . and it is a doe :). 

Life is never dull!

I don't think I ever said what we ended up naming our new young llama boy. We named him "Larry" :). He is adjusting so well and lives with the baby goats and puppy. . . they're a great little herd!

I forgot to mention in my last post that we got ANOTHER dog! Last week we were told that someone had a year old LGD who they needed to find a home for (the owner was in the hospital and the goats had been sold). So we thought, why not?!? Her name is "Winnie", she is a year old Great Pyrenees/Border Collie mix, spayed, etc. She is huge for a year old too. I don't have any pictures of her right now. . . will have to work on that.
For for the first several days, things were a bit rough as the goats were scared of her, she was nervous in a new place. . . but I think things are going to work out.

One of the giant sunflowers in the garden finally opened up! Most of them are about 8 feet tall!

some more flowers ;),

and a picture of the pond that the llamas and dogs really like during this hot weather!

Have a great day!