Monday, June 28, 2010

4 does to their new home!

We are 4 does less now. . . early Sunday morning I got up and milked Bridget and Willa. Then loaded them two and Princess and Toasty into the trailer. My cousin met a lady in Missouri that drove all the way from Indiana. Thank you Heather for giving the girls a great home! You can visit Heavenly Springs Farm's website here.

That means two does less on the milk stand also, so we are now milking 18 does, twice a day.

BUT pretty soon, a couple more! Northwest Goats Lil' Prissy and her grade granddaughter, Good Goats Baby Ruth are due in August. Prissy is due the 1st and Baby is due the 7th. I was out in the pasture the other evening with the camera, so got some photos :).



the dirty llamas by the pond (dirty because they go in the pond, and the white girl *really* likes to be sprayed with the hose!),

Rhia standing on a little hill,


Grandma Maggie - she is doing great!

Honey Bun,

and a picture of Winnie,

I don't think I've mentioned it in my blog yet, but over a month ago Rosie (Grandma Maggie's daughter) hurt one of her front legs. I thought it was her foot, but it was completely fine. We were keeping her off the pasture in with the baby animals, but it was just getting worse and worse. She used to put weight on it but then it got so bad that she was holding it up and not putting *any* weight on it at all.

We put her in one of the stalls hoping rest would help her heal. After checking it out more, it is obviously her knee - she must have twisted it or something, and it really bothered her when we'd mess with it.

So, after trying some things (I was supplementing her with a lot of stuff), nothing helped. I talked to my cousin and he said to put DMSO and Furazone cream on it, wrap plastic wrap around it (to create some heat) and then vet wrap. Worth a try, right? Saturday evening we put it on, but when she laid down the bandage came off... so Sunday night we did it again and wrapped it really well. It is suppose to say on for 12 hours, so this morning I unwrapped it. I don't want to say it helped and it really isn't but, I really think it is helping as later last night and this morning she is actually putting some weight on it and standing up a LOT more than she was. So I'm hoping this works!

Anyway. . . a few more pictures before I get off here. . .

this morning I picked 10 cucumbers from our garden,

this is a garlic top/flower,

and this is an onion top. I think they may be walking onions.

Have a good day!