Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Been real busy! To make it easy. . .

Friday evening we went to the local livestock auction, as usual (for hogs... normally). A few female llamas went through and one had a baby of her. The mom was sold and it seemed like nobody wanted the baby. So of course, we felt sorry and bought him!

We got him home and put him in a stall. He seemed so small! But after talking to the llama experts, they said he is probably about 7 months old and old enough to be weaned. Poor guy though!

Monday morning we sheared him. I ordered new blades for the clippers I had got and they worked GREAT! He didn't like it much, of course, but was pretty calm by the time we were done. This morning we also sheared our brown female llama, Peppercorn - and the clippers worked great again and made the job MUCH faster. It only took about 30 minutes to do her. I don't think we got any pics of her done haircut - will have to get those later.

our new little guy the night we got him home and BEFORE a haircut,

getting his haircut!

looking much better with his haircut! Now keep in mind, this was the first llama I had ever sheared, so it isn't the prettiest :)!

Saturday we had a birthday party/hoedown for my brother's 18th birthday! It turned out good and I was so tired by the end of the night! Then Sunday we went swimming. . .

Sunday evening we also got our new LGD puppy. He is SO TINY and cute. He is 75% Anatolian and 25% Great Pyrenees. He is only 6 weeks old, a bit young, but some things came up and we had to get them sooner (our friend got one of his brothers). The guy we got him from has some of the best LGDs and guarantees his dogs to work. So we'll see! He is hanging out with our bottle babies and we are going to keep our new llama with them, so they become a little herd.

His name is Armor,

Well, someone else has to get on this computer and I got to go put a halter on the new llama, so. . . have a great day!


squash from the garden,


Diane@Peaceful Acres said...

Wow squash already! It looks beautiful as does your new puppy!!!

Suriyah said...

Yep. That squash was actually from my cousin's wife's garden, which is right across the street :). Cucumbers are also almost here -there are some that are about 4" long!