Wednesday, June 9, 2010

lots of photos!

Most of the photos below are from this morning, but there are a few others mixed in. Enjoy :)!

from experience, do NOT put an e-collar on a goat like this. They will run around and act crazy because they can't really see!

we took the e-collar off of Cricket for just a few minutes and she was so happy and nursed herself many times within a few minutes - bad goat!

the other day - Jethro (the dog) and Junior Mint (the buck), and little Cadbury in the background.

goofy Toasty,

a picture my sister took of an interesting wildflower,

And now onto just some of my many favorite pictures from this morning down in Stacy's garden. . . I took about 70 pictures :).



and more flowers!

just a peak at the giant potato patch,

in the tack room,

lots of boots!

Well, I could post MANY more photos, but I'll spare you :). Have a good day!



Amy Lagerquist said...

Bad goat! Do they make a weaning ring for goats like they do for calves? I wonder if something like that would break her of that habit?