Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Noisy's kidding

I guess it's time for a quick update before bed. . .

Sunday morning we got up to go pick blueberries, but the guy wasn't there. So, since some friends live right down the road, we decided to go down there for a little bit. I had to trim some of their goats hooves, and while I was doing that, I noticed that their Alpine doe was going into labor! They were so glad we happened to be there because the buck this doe was bred to had kids that were 10-13 lbs (his first kids, as he is a yearling), and this was a first freshener! And it is not normal for us to be there on a Sunday morning! Not a good combo. As a side note, I just recently got this buck - Dancer.
Thankfully we didn't have to wait too long before "Noisy" started pushing. Not long after a beautiful, small, 6.7 lb doeling came out! We assisted a little bit, but I'm sure she could have come out on her own had we been more patient ;). Pictures of cute little "Oreo" can be seen here.

OH, and this photo below was taken a few days ago. . . I think I am going to be wrong about the cucumbers being ready in a week :).

Monday morning it rained quite a bit and we were hurrying up milking before the storm got here and just barely were done.

Today I got up early to go pick blueberries, and then went to town and checked in on "Noisy" on the way home, and now I am tired! Time to go to bed.

Have a good night!