Thursday, February 25, 2010

Goat Butter!!!

This morning I made goat butter! I used the cream that I had separated a few days ago, and it turned into butter really quickly and easily. It looks like pure white frosting, and it tastes great! Now my little brother, Osiyyah, can have butter (he can't eat anything with cow milk in it). I forgot to weigh the butter, so I'll have to weigh the next batch to find out how many pounds of butter we can get from one gallon of goat milk.
But, when I separated milk the other day, I got about 1/2 quart of really thick cream from one gallon of goat milk. Then yesterday I separated 2 gallons of cow milk and got 1/2 quart of thick cream. SO, at least that time the goat milk gave twice as much cream as the cow milk!

Cow butter on the left, Goat butter on the right

Have a great day!

Willa's kids


Linda Foley said...

WOW! Is cows butter really yellow! Nothing like from the store though. I've made goat butter before also and it is good. I wish I had a separator - maybe someday...

Brenda said...

The butter looks wonderful! I made some over a year ago. It was SO good. I really want to get a separator. It is amazing how much cream you got from the gallon of goat milk.

The kids are really cute!

Anonymous said...

I just visited your blog and love it, however I couldnt read any of it because the light yellow writing does not show up well on a white back ground. Maybe its just my computer but could you darken the writing so we can read it better. Im sorry if Ive caused any inconvience, just wanted to read the articles so badly. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Scratch that last comment, it had not uploaded all the way so I refreshed the page and its a black background. ha I love it and was able to read the articles. Thanks again. Great blog.

Good Goats said...

Thank you! Also, if you are trying to read my blog on an iPod/iPhone, the background will be white, and not very easy to read.

Have a good day!