Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pics of kids

Today I took Grandma Maggie, the 5 kids (all doelings, that we are keeping) and little Molly outside in the yard to play in the sun. It is so nice out today and sunny - amazing!

Snickers and Molly,

Too many kids on the dog house...

Snickers again. . . she's the only one that would stand still for me, and even then she would look the opposite direction (bad goat!),

Grandma Maggie - she is doing SO much better, praise the Lord!! Today she willingly came out and grazed, and is acting pretty spunky. I am so glad she is better!

Grandma Maggie and her doeling, Cookie Doe (although they don't know they are related ;)). Grandma needs to gain some weight as she lost some when she was sick.

Well, tomorrow we are getting another load of hay in - this time a small amount of straight alfalfa and the rest first cutting alfalfa/oat, which should be nice stuff. If you might be interested in any, just email me.

Time to go!



Eliya said...

I LOVE that little Snickers! What a beauty!

Good Goats said...

Thank you, Eliya! I think she is my favorite so far this year ;). . .

Brenda said...

Looks like lots of fun out in the sunshine! The kids are really cute! I'm glad Grandma is doing so much better. My Emily is doing better too. I was afraid that I'd lose her for a while, but she's getting up and around now. She needs to gain a lot of weight too! It's hard to see them down ... and a pleasure to see them get better!