Thursday, February 4, 2010

Finally... the snow photos

Alright, as I said in the last post... here are the pictures from the snow and ice storm. Almost all of it is melted now and it is a big muddy mess here (not fun!).

ice on the fence,

lots of snow!

Lilly and a couple of the colts playing during the snow storm,

Baby goats! They seemed to like the snow,


Deep snow for short kids...

"Drama Queen" sniffing, then. . .

. . . jumping!


one of Lizzie's bucklings (now at his new home),

and, "Matty",

I am on kidding watch again. Rosie (Free Spirit Rosemary) is due the 5th, and her dam Grandma (Laports Mahogany Sage) as we call her, is due the 8th. But "Grandma" is looking very big - her belly has dropped a lot, her back is very high and her tail is super loose. So I am expecting her to go soon. She is almost 10 years old, so things could just be more "exaggerated" due to her age.

Anyway, time to go. I hope you enjoy the pictures and have a great day!



Brenda said...

I LOVE the photos of the kids playing in the snow. I'll bet you were rolling with laughter watching them! Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer said...

OH what great photos! Those goat kids sure looked like they had fun. I love the look of your blog, beautiful! I wish I could so something more custom with mine like that but I am not sure how. Might have to try and figure it out.

Good Goats said...

Yes, they had a lot of fun!

Thank you, Jennifer! If you want to make your own background, this is the instructions I followed. It is pretty easy actually.