Friday, February 19, 2010

Nice day

Well, yesterday was such a nice day - warm and sunny. We had more hay delivered yesterday, and I fed some of the alfalfa/oat to all the animals last night and they liked it a lot!

Yesterday also, Grandma Maggie, the goat, willingly came outside and was out there with the goats all day, came back to milk, and then went back out and slept in the barn! That is amazing for her to be acting like that - much, much better. She also completely finished all of her grain last night and this morning, and is getting back to being her pushy self. Praise the Lord she made it through hypocalcemia!

The next doe due is PawPawNin Willa - due the 27th, on day 142 today. She looks like she swallowed a balloon. . . probably will have triplets like last year (before we had her, but we got her with her kids). I'll have to get a picture of her before she kids, she is so huge!

I've been sick the past few days, yesterday I was feeling better but am not feeling so great today...

Have a great weekend!



Brenda said...

Great news about Grandma Maggie!