Monday, January 28, 2013

If you are on our waiting list...

Attention to anyone who has emailed me within the past few months and has wanted a kid from us this year - if you could shoot me another email, that would be fabulous. My main computer has been in the shop and just got back today. Needless to say, kids are quickly being born and if you'd still like a kid, get in touch with us. Email me.

Sunday 2 more does kidded. Good Goats QW Drama Queen, the doe who had the crooked neck doe kid last year, kidded to a single, perfectly normal doeling. And nope, she is not available for sale ;).

A few hours later, our 9 year old MiniNubian doe, Dream Weaver's MoReen, kidded to triplets - a buck and 2 does. It's the first time she's had triplets, she has always had twins. I guess she's going out in her old age with a bang. They are all blue eyed as well.

About an hour ago I finally sat down at the computer and started typing this blog post. My sister came walking in the back door saying another goat had just had kids. It's an unregistered Nubian doe that we bought bred. She had a buckling and doeling, both with really long ears and extremely colorful. They are so cute... I am definitely partial to Nubian kids! They are fed and doing good. I'll have to let them dry off, get their feet underneath them and take pictures tomorrow morning.

We'll see who else has kids before the day is over...