Friday, January 25, 2013

Kids are here!

The first kids of the year arrived Monday night, the 21st. Yeah yeah I'm a slacker for not posting sooner... but the computer has been at the store getting repaired and I've been a bit busy. Nonetheless, here are a few kid pictures.

Monday night LaWanda (1st gen MiniNubian doe) kidded to twins, a buckling and doeling. 

Tuesday afternoon Verona (1st gen MiniNubian doe) kidded to QUADS - yes, quads out of that tiny goat. 2 bucks and 2 does. The sire to all 6 babies is our polled buck Wyatt. Everyone is doing pretty good and eating like bottle babies do.

The 2 boys below are available for sale. $50 each. They are able to be registered with the MDGA. The white one is out of Verona, and the black one is out of LaWanda. Email me or call (918-598-4007) if you're interested.

Gotta go!



charlotte's menagerie said...

They are so beautiful. Do you get a lot more milk from a mininubin than a Nigerian Dwarf? I'm asking because I have be thinking about getting one. Now I have one ND buck and 3 ND does.

Good Goats said...

Thank you! We actually do get a good amount of milk from our MiniNubians. I have never personally milked a ND, but our Minis give about 3/4 of a gallon a day typically.