Sunday, March 25, 2012

Meet "Trauma" & lots of pictures!

Yesterday was a long day. It started at 5:30 with a doeling being born, and ended at 1am with twin kids being born. In between that, 2 sheep lambed and a 3rd doe had kids - twin doelings.

The first kid that was born is named "Trauma", and there is a reason for that. We found her at 5:30am and she had just been born. I took her away from her mom (as usual with bottle kids) but we quickly noticed something was not right with her. Her neck was turned to one side and could not turn the other way. Long story short, she was not able to stand on her own or walk at all yesterday. I carried her almost everywhere with me. Good thing was that she had a great appetite and was very sweet ;). Today she can stand on her own and is even walking a few steps at a time, although she is still pretty wobbly. I gave her a shot of BoSe this morning, so I'm sure that helped some.

And you might ask why her name is "Trauma"? Well, her mom's name is Drama Queen, so we figured this kid's name would be Drama's Trauma :). Nonetheless, this doeling is spoiled rotten right now.

me and little miss Trauma,

My little sister is a very much up-and-coming photographer. She takes almost all the pictures around here and does a great job at it (I think). It is a beautiful day out today, and an awesome day to take pictures. So, several of the baby goats had their photos taken. Here's a few from the bunch.

Hope you all are having a great weekend!!



Charlotte said...

The kids are cute. I love the pictures of the cats with the kids. So cute.

Guide to Raising Goats said...

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Kris said...

My Nubian doe Sandy finally had her kids yesterday! I bred her to a Nubian buck this time. These are the cutest kids. But the buckling is amazing! He's all spotted. Why are bucks so pretty? The doeling looks like the father, black with brown legs and frosted ears. She still sweet. SO we are done.

How is that sweet little Trauma doing? She looks so sweet. I bet you are a busy farmgirl right now. I only have 2 to milk so far.

And anytime you have time to send that kefir, let me know.


Good Goats said...

Kris, congrats on the kids!!

Sweet little Trauma, who I like to call "Tweaky Trauma" is doing awesome. She is growing very well and is just an adorable sweet little thing. I think she is a bit mentally slow, but we'll see how bad as time goes on. Right now, she is just a doll.

Yes, I am a very busy farm girl right now. Have about 25 in milk and only half way thru kidding season.

I haven't forgotten about you and the kefir. Keep reminding me and sometime I'll try to get it to ya!