Thursday, March 8, 2012

kidding season in full swing!

Kidding season is in full swing here! And it is going very very well. Since I last posted, 5 does more does have kidded, and there are several more due any day.

Kind of a weird thing that is happening this year - typically all my does go on between day 146 and 150. Always been that way, no matter what breed they are. Well, this year things have changed. Almost every single doe has gone past her due date, and a good couple days past it. Most of them have been kidding on day 152 to 154. Only 2 have been the "exception", with them kidding on day 149 and 150.

All the kids have been extremely healthy and robust, the does are in great shape and milking well, and there have been little to no kidding problems. I've only slightly assisted on 2 births out of 12, not bad, especially with them having GIANT kids - no joke.

So, the only conclusion that I can come to is it means they are all very healthy this year?! Which I am very thankful for. I hope the rest of kidding season goes like this. The warm winter weather we've had could play a part but, who knows.

I don't have any kid pictures on this computer - will have to put some up later. But, here's a rundown of what the last 5 does have kidded with.

On February 29th, Good Goats Baby Ruth (Nubian doe, bred by Hershey our Nubian buck) kidded to a beautiful buckling and doeling.

March 2nd, Shelby, our LARGE unregistered Alpine doe, kidded to triplets who are all massive kids. Their sire is Cadbury, our Alpine buck. We got home late and all 3 had just been born. There are 2 bucklings and 1 doeling. Shelby is being an awesome, awesome milker.

March 4th Lizzie, one of our Nubian/Alpine does, kidded to a giant, and I mean GIANT, single buckling. He needed just some slight assistance coming out since he was so large. He was sired by our Nubian buck, Hershey.

Early morning on March 5th, Helena, one of our Snubian does, kidded to a buckling and doeling out of Hershey. We found then right after they had been born. The buckling is pure white - just adorable, I think. Certainly will have to get some pictures of him up here.

And last but not least, Journey, another one of our Alpine does, kidded to adorable buckling/doeling twins. They are so hairy, so cute! At 5:30am we found her with the buckling out. The doeling was born breach just a few minutes later.

So, that's all for now! Right now I have one Alpine doe who is 3 days overdue - guess she just wants to follow the trend of things this year! And tomorrow, the 9th, our "Grandma Goat" who is 12 years old, is due. . . crossing my fingers for an easy kidding for the old girl!

Well, have a good day y'all!