Thursday, August 5, 2010

Poor Baby!

Baby is SO wide!! She's still holding onto those kids.

This is Cutie and her new little friend.

I thought this was a weird picture of Prissy yawning!

Does are starting to come into heat, FINALLY! Rosie is in heat today. . . I have 5 does that I will breed as soon as they come into heat - they are does that we either milked through last year and/or didn't breed. The bucks can be so loud when the does are in heat, and they go crazy, of course. Poor little Berry has urine scald on his face. I've cleaned it and put cream on it. It doesn't look that bad, just a spot is bald now :(.



Candi said...

Great day, Baby is huge!

I've never heard of urine scald in ALL of my reading. I'll have to remember that. And you just put salve on it?

Good Goats said...

Hey PA, sorry for not getting back to you sooner. . . been busy (my usual excuse, LOL!).

What I have read to do is wash it with a baking soda wash, and then I put Bag Balm on it. Or you can use Zinc Oxide. Bucks get it on the back of their front legs quite often, but I have never had one as bad as Berry has it on his face. Gross!

Candi said...

Oh Good! You use Bag Balm!
King Cleatus has it BAD on his front leg and I'm going to give him a bath (or at least try!).
What does the baking soda help with??

Good Goats said...

The baking soda wash helps neutralize things.

Our doe Baby had 2 kids today, a buckling and doeling - her first doeling she has ever had, yay! More later, I'm off to bed!

Candi said...

Thanks Suriyah, for the info.
I'm heading out to the pasture to wash our buck down and smother him in Bag Balm :)

Congrats on Baby's kids!!

Good Goats said...

Eww... hope it goes well. I'm sure you'll need a shower after that job!

Candi said...

Yes, a shower was a MUST :)

I didn't realize how bad he had it till I started *sigh*. I'll be washing and applying BB quite often this week.
I'm thankful you posted about it when you did b/c now I know what to do.