Saturday, August 14, 2010

Larry the llama :(, auctions, etc.

My family that was on the trip got home a few days ago, glad they got back safely. We've just been doing normal things around here. Thursday we went to an auction, wasn't much but did get some stuff for free. Next Thursday there is another one that is much bigger that I think we are planning on going to.

Thursday afternoon everyone was fine. As usual, we filled the waters and hosed Larry (the "baby" llama) and Armor the puppy down - really likes water! Then after milking I went out to feed and found Larry dead, no clue why. He was perfectly fine earlier. He had come such a long way since we got him, from being terrified of people to coming up to be petted and was learning how to lead. Very sad, his sweet face will be missed :(.

But, the Lord gives and takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord!

We have slowly started integrating Armor, the puppy, and his goat friends into the herd - so hopefully soon they can go out to pasture here.

I've gotta go eat lunch.

Have a good weekend,