Wednesday, August 4, 2010

odds and ends. . .

I stink SO bad right now like a BUCK! This morning Rhia, one of the Nubian does, was (is) in heat. So I got little Berry out, the Nigerian buck. Long story short, he's a little bit too short but might be able to breed her if I try later today or on her next heat. If he can't breed her on her next heat, I'll use a different buck.

The photo below is of my little brother, Osiyyah, "helping" with milking :)!

Today the plan is to clean/organize, and I am hopefully going to organize/"decorate" the milk parlor. . . I'll get pictures when it's done, Lord willing.

And this is a little something I haven't talked about really. . . the rabbit barns. This is the meat rabbit barn. Right now we only have 3 meat rabbits (& 1 baby). The other bunnies, the Mini Lops, have their own special barn with shutters and an air conditioner. Pretty cool. You can see it on my sister's website here.

meat rabbit barn, just recently finished.

Have a good day!