Sunday, August 8, 2010

Baby Kidded

Yesterday morning it looked like Baby (Good Goats Baby Ruth) was going to kid. All day there wasn't much, and then we were watching something on the computer and I was checking on her every now and then, but nothing much - it looked like she was in early labor. I went out the next time (just a few minutes later) and she had just pushed a kid out! A beautiful red buckling. A few minutes later, she had a huge doeling - thankfully we didn't have to pull though, she came right out! I thought for sure she was a buckling before we "checked"!

Baby has never had a doeling before - this is her 3rd kidding - first time she had a single buckling, second kidding she had twin bucklings, and then this time. Oh, and the sire to these kids is Ace, our FB Boer buck.

the doeling,

the buckling,

I think our llamas are pregnant, at least the brown one, Peppercorn, is. Mom is unsure, but I am 99% sure, LOL! I have been watching their udders/etc. for a while now. Both of their bellies are hanging low, and then the other day Peppercorn's udder filled up - no doubt about it. So, I think she is going to have a cria soon - that would be exciting!

Please discard the not-so-great haircuts (it was the first time I've sheared a llama) and them being dirty in these photos. . . they love to go in the pond, and then roll in the dirt.

Other than that, we've just been staying busy. I have cleaned up and been decorating/organizing the milk room the past few days. When it is all the way done (for now, something is always changing), I'll get some photos to share. There are still a few things I have to do in there and in the kidding stalls and freezer area too.

Oh, and for an update - Parker, the buck who had the cold, is totally back to normal. Dancer (with the barber pole worms) is also doing much better.

Have a good day,



Candi said...

So Precious!

Yes, can't wait for pictures of the milk room!!
Are the Llamas for guard?

Good Goats said...

Yes, the llamas are for guard. I just might decide to go take the pictures of the milk room now, otherwise I won't get to it till who knows when.

Michelle | Goat Berries said...

Aw, congratulations on the beautiful kids :)