Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Photo update

Well, life has been a normal-busy lately. I went out in the pasture the other day and snapped some photos, so here they are.

trees ;)

one of the pastures, it's getting kind of brown because we have not had a lot of rain!

another pine,

some of the does and sheep out in pasture,

Ms. Salty,

in the forest,

we still have lots of nice hay!

Blueberry, she has turned into a really nice 2 year old!

things are getting dry!

and this is from this morning. Me and my little sister milking - she milks really well for how little she is!!

Have a good day!



Candi said...

Goodness, You must be feeding hay pretty heavily! We've had a drought this year as well (& it didn't help that we brought another mouth to the farm!). Thankfully it started raining yesterday and hasn't stopped yet!!

Sorry to hear about Larry :(
Have your Llama's birthed yet?? Can't wait to see pics, baby llamas r SOOO CUTE :)

Good Goats said...

Right now I'm feeding probably about a bale of hay a day. That's just feeding some penned kids, bucks 1x a day and milkers their alfalfa 1x a day.

We sell hay so that is why we have so much :).

The rain is so nice, we got some the other day and things are already SO much greener!

I (most likely, Lord willing) am going to be picking up a young female alpaca in a week. . . Sshhhh. . . I'll update in about a week with more info about that ;).

Candi said...

Can hardly wait for pics :-)