Friday, March 19, 2010


Well, it's time for an update. I've been busy and sick the past few days.

Tuesday one of our Boer/Nubian does, "Buttermilk", kidded to a buckling and doeling. Beautiful little kids. The buckling is a paint with a lot of white, and the doeling is pure white. At first I thought she was albino, but then decided not as she does not have red eyes but has blue eyes! I really have no clue where she got the blue eyes from as it is not in her lines. I think she is just so cute though.

the buckling

the doeling

Now, we have a break from kidding! I am so glad to have a break. Right when most people are just starting kidding, I am pretty much ending ;). I have one first freshener due around mid-April, and then nothing till August when I have 2 does due (since I just bred them). Anyway, a break is very nice!

We are now milking about 20 does, 2x a day, and getting a lot of milk. We also have 7 Mini Nubian doelings (we are keeping 6), 1 Alpine buckling (keeping him), two 75% Boer bucklings and two 75% Boer doelings (for sale, but maybe sold). All those are bottle kids.
For dam raised kids, we have 5 Boer doelings and 2 Boer bucklings on their moms.

The weather has been SO nice lately! And now they are calling for snow tomorrow night and Sunday. . . I thought winter was over with! We'll see ;).

Time to go. Have a good evening!



Diane@Peaceful Acres said...

They are just precious! Love how the buckling has the brown markings of a Boer and the doeling is all white!

I finally got my first goats! They are both Nubians and I was trying to find that herbal tincture that you recommended a bit ago. Can you point me to it? Thanks so much.

Keep up the good work. Your Momma should be proud of you!

Good Goats said...

Congrats on you new goats! You can get more info on the Shepherd's Purse tincture here -