Friday, March 12, 2010

Kids, and breeding does

Aruba, one of our Alpine does, kidded late Wednesday night. . . it was actually early Thursday morning, the 11th. She had two big, beautiful bucklings, and a very easy birth. I was hoping for a doeling, but oh well ;). She was bred to a registered Alpine buck before we bought her, so these are his kids.

the first buckling, the bigger one. He is chololate with white, and my Mom wants to keep him :)!

The other buckling. His coloring is called "cou blanc", and he is for sale. Anyone looking for a great herd sire that comes from very nice milking and show lines, this may be the buckling for you!

Then when we were going out to feed after milking, we heard a doe yelling in the barn, and one of the Boers, Mini Moette, was pushing a kid out. She had a big, cute doeling with a dark brown head. . . sire is Ace.

Among all these kiddings, you'd think we're crazy (maybe we are, LOL!), but we bred 2 more does!! Both of these are Nubian does - Northwest Goats Little Prissy (PB doe) I bred to one of our Mini bucks, Quiet Wyatt; and Good Goats Baby Ruth (reg'd grade doe) we bred to our Boer buck, Ace. Prissy will be due August 1st, and Baby will be due August 7th. So, after the "last" doe due, in April, we'll have a few months break :).

Today we sent Bill, the male llama, off to be sold. He just was not working out with the goats. He used to be fine, but now that he is almost a 3 year old, things started to change. He would chase the goats away and keep them separated from the 2 female llamas - exactly what we DON'T want. So, we started keeping him closed up, and since we don't breed llamas, we don't need to be feeding him and having him take up pen space. So, off he went.

Not much else to update one. . . have a good day!