Thursday, March 4, 2010

Jouney & kid pics

Finally, some pictures of Journey and her two kids. Not the best pictures as they wanted to follow me around, and that is why Journey's picture is through the fence ;). . . the only way to get a photo of her without someone holding her for the picture.

the new Alpine doe, Journey (she is about 6-7 yrs old),

This is the more curious doeling,

This girl is a bit shy, but is getting very friendly now that she is taking the bottle well! We are calling her "Socks". . .

Well, poor Grandma Maggie is just having one problem after another. A few days ago she went "off" and had a super high temp (106). I gave her Banamine and started her on Excenel, thinking it was some kind of pneumonia due to all the weather change. Then Tuesday I noticed one side of her udder was *super hot* and swollen, and she was giving hardly any milk at all (especially out of that side). Poor girl, I wished I had found it sooner! Oh well. We got some ToDay mastitis treatment tubes and started treating that side, and I massaged Peppermint Oil (in Coconut oil) all over her udder - she actually liked that part ;). She was not eating her grain and just a bit of hay. I felt so sorry for her, but was doing all I could.

I've been doing the ToDay treatment twice a day, followed by massaging her udder with the Peppermint oil, and it seems to be getting way better. She is drying up, but that is fine with me. Her appetite is coming back for her grain, and today she's been out with some of the does that are due, right out back, and is grazing some, eating hay and enjoying the sunshine! I am so glad she is doing much better!

Speaking of sunshine. . . the weather has been really nice lately, praise the Lord!


Brenda said...

Journey is a beautiful doe! I just love her colors and her expression is so pretty. Her little does are really cute too. I'm glad they're taking their bottle better now! That's a great relief!

I'm sure glad you found the problem with Grandma Maggie before it was too late with the mastitus. That's always a concern around here. I try to watch their udders very closely since losing Darcy in 2008 to mastitus.

Yea for the sunshine !!

Good Goats said...

Thanks Brenda. Grandma Maggie is doing much better and is out sleeping with the herd today!

Also, the little yearling, Frenchi, that was *not* suppose to be bred, kidded yesterday while I was gone to a tiny little kid! I got back right after she was born and everyone is doing great. More later. . .