Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Treating a hurt hoof, and update

It is really cold today! It has been freezing the past few nights, but for some reason today seems extra cold.

A couple of weeks ago, our "Grandma" goat (Laports Mahogany Sage), was limping pretty badly on one of her back feet. So we checked it out and there was some gross/sore/swollen flesh in the middle of her hoof, probably from a cut. I posted about that on November 17th and it looked like it was getting better then - she was hardly limping too. But, it didn't get better. I tried soaking her foot in Nolvasan twice a day, nothing worked.
So, we were in town on Sunday and stopped by Tractor Supply to see if they had anything that might help. We picked up some Dr. Naylor's Hoof & Heal (for cattle, goats, sheep & horses). It is a Zinc Sulfate mixture. I started putting that on it Sunday night, and if it worked, that would be great.
Tuesday morning (after 3 treatments - I'm putting it on her 2x a day) there was dry blood on it like it had "burst" open. So, I cleaned it and put more on it. Today, she is hardly limping on it at all and the swollen spot is the smallest I have ever seen it. I am hoping that it stays on this track!

And our first does are due in exactly 1 month from today! Rhia (Nubian doe), who is due January 8th, has been getting a very nice udder and is super wide. It's exciting to hopefully have kids soon!

Well, I have not made butter for a couple of weeks and we are out, so I have to do that today and various other things.

Have a great day,