Friday, November 27, 2009

Definitely time for an update!

Well, as you can tell by me not posting much, I have been very busy just with life in general - milking, feeding, cleaning the house, riding horses, etc, and various other things. Like, on Tuesday the guys that are putting "Skim Stone" on the kitchen counters came and started that. So they did about half of what had to be done, then we used the counters on Thanksgiving, and they are back today finishing them. And as usual, we had a big Thanksgiving party yesterday - fun and tiring ;).

We have been letting the llamas out to pasture with the goats and that is working out well. Here are some pics of them going out their first day,

oh, and a picture of the bucks coming IN from pasture ;),

Anyway, not a whole lot else to update on. Have a great weekend!