Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Well, I have not done very well at keeping the blog updated lately! Just been busy. Today I re-did the stall set-up. I moved t-post, panels and cabinets around and I like it much better. I still am not completely done and have to add 1 more stall - so there will be 4 stalls total. When it's done, I hope to get pictures up here.

All the goats are doing good. We are only milking 6 now, but soon to be lots more, Lord willing! The doe that is due first (PawPawNin Maglio Tartuffini - "Lil' Maggie"), is on day 140 today, so we could have babies almost any day now! And the temperatures are suppose to drop drastically and we are suppose to have snow tomorrow, so she'll probably have them in the middle of the storm :).

Here are a few photos from a few days ago.

Dream Weaver's MoReen - due January 8th, and wide with babies!

This is PawPawNin LaWanda, due January 5th, and also full of kids!

And a Boer doe, RWLB Vibe, due - we don't know when, but looking to be very soon!


PawPawNin Whitney (I thought it was a cute pic),

Not much else to update on. Have a great day!