Monday, December 14, 2009

Supplies to have at Kidding Time

Since some will be having kids soon, I thought I would post what I like to have on hand for kidding time.

- 7% Iodine or Nolvasan, along with a cup to dip cords.
- Towels/Rags - you'll need lots and lots!
- Empty Feed sacks - I don't have any of these now that I buy my feed by the ton, but they are very handy to have on hand. Cut the feed sack in half so it's a flat piece of paper. They are great to put under the doe as the kids are coming out, to put wet kids on, etc.
- Ear syringe/Nose sucker - I almost always use this to get the gunk out of kids' noses and mouths.
- (hair) Blow Dryer - Very handy to have on hand in cold weather kiddings. It dries and warms the kids up at the same time.
- Soap and water - to wash up with if you have to go in. I only wash up and go in. *Make sure you have short fingernails also!! I do not use gloves either as you can't tell what you are feeling very well.
Lubricating jelly - sometimes you will need it to go in, but usually not.
Surgical gloves - useful at times, but we do not wear them if we have to go it, it makes it way too slippery.
- Bottles and nipples - we bottle our kids, but keep on hand even if you don't. I like the Topper Pop Bottle Nipples the best from Nasco, and they screw onto 16-24 ounce soda bottles.
- Milk pail - to milk colostrum into after kidding.
- Probiotics - give to doe after kidding.
- Nutri-Drench - a quick pick-me-up for doe or kids during or after labor.
- Molasses & warm water - I always give my does a bucket of warm molasses water after the birth as it's a good source of quick energy and they are always VERY thirsty!
- Thermometer - always handy to have on hand.
- Hemorrhoidal Ointment - I have used this on a few does whose vulvas got very swollen after kidding, it helps to bring it down.
- Syringes and needles - to give the doe or kid medications.
- Kid coats - to put on a chilled kid (or if it's just cold weather) AFTER it has been dried.

Can't think of anything else. Happy Kidding!