Sunday, December 13, 2009

Kids due in 20 days!!

Well, the count-down is on - 20 days till our first doe is due; and "due" means day 150. . . so in reality, she could have the kids in about 2 weeks (which would be about day 145, which is not premature). Soo, exciting yet somewhat overwhelming, LOL!

This is Calevah, our "old dog". She's about 12 and we've had her since she was a puppy and she is still doing great... not slowing down in her old age ;)!

I thought this was a cool picture,

This is "Grandma Maggie" in her stall next to the "kids" (soon-to-be kids no more ;)). It was very cold a few nights last week so we gave everyone straw, and piled straw on top of Grandma. She stayed just long enough for a photo to be taken.
By the way, her foot is almost all the way better. She does not limp on it anymore!

A picture from feeding time this morning. This is one of the Alpines - Honey Bun.

And another pic from this morning. This is Prissy (Nubian doe).

I've spent most of the day today baking various things and just hanging out - Sunday is usually a somewhat slow day.

And now it's time to go milk. . . so have a great night!