Thursday, December 8, 2011


Well, as I mentioned last time, the new big barn construction has begun. There have been plenty of set backs with the weather and such. All the holes are dug and the 4 corner polls are put in. Due to an accident the construction has been called off for a few days though, but it should resume soon and Lord willing, soon we will have a big barn!

I think winter weather has finally hit us!

Peppy, the guard llama!


Mr. Fighter (front) with one of his dam-raised buddies (behind),

Have a good day!!



Charlotte said...

Hope the barn construction moves along quickly. Good Luck. Fighter is quite a handsome goat.

Peggy said...

Goat pics are great. Good job! The thanksgiving goodies are beautiful. The green beans looked so yummy! Peggy/Krebs, OK
P.S...Tom is druelling over the pie.