Monday, December 26, 2011


Well, life has been going good here on the farm for the most part. A sickness ran through here the past couple weeks and got most of the family sick... we're getting over it though.

The weather has been considerably mild for it being late December - odd.

None of the dairy does are due till mid-February. But, there is a crossbred doe that my brother got a few months ago and we do not know her due date. She is very wide and heavy with kids. Yesterday her udder filled up, so I am expecting that she should kid pretty soon here.

Here's some various pictures from the past few days.

reflection in the pond,

 From the Left: Fighter, Grandma (in the coat), Hug and LaWanda being lazy sunbathing goats.

Hug and Grandma,

Prissy (& Aruba, behind),


Peppy, the guard llama,

One of the sows and her piglets having some time out in the 40 acres while my brother watched them. The piglets are getting big!

Have a great day!