Saturday, December 17, 2011

new milking barn set-up!

Things are slowly getting set up in the new milking barn. Tuesday we moved out of the old room, and just had enough time to set up the floor and milkstands before it was time to milk again. Since then, I've just been slowly moving things in and getting it set up. It's going to take some time, but right now it is very functional and much better than the old room! Here's some pictures of the process...

bye-bye old milking parlor!

hello big barn!

we don't celebrate Christmas, I just have lights up for lighting and have 'em up all year long!

In this picture, on the right is a door - that is the "IN" door. On the left is the "OUT" door - when they are done being milked, they go out that way.

this was the first night we milked in there... the does were a little scared the first few times. They are getting used to it now though.

Have a great weekend!!



Brenda said...

Your new barn is awesome! You're going to enjoy it SO much.

Charlotte said...

Wow that is quite a set up. A lot of goat milking going on.