Wednesday, November 30, 2011

just a few pics...

Just a few random pictures from the other day...

Grandma goat sporting her brand new coat. . . which she likes very much! It is a very toasty coat!

Have a good day!! Barn building starts today... I'll get pictures of the progress!! Right now the supplies are being unloaded.



Kris said...

Hi. Will you please tell your sister that I love her little cooking blog but I can't post on it for some reason. I can't get the "choose a profile" thing to pull down. It's the same way on another blog. Anyway, I am trying the gluten free foods, or at least staying away from gluten, for 2 weeks to see if that's what's wrong with me. And I want to try her oatmeal cream pies. They look so good and easy too.

Thank you both for your blogs. I enjoy them both.