Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Then & Now - "new" doelings

Back in February kidding season was in full-swing. Out of the many kids born, there were 4 doelings - 2 Mini Nubian sisters and 2 Snubian/MiniNubian sisters. They were all bottle babies, and went to a great family home together. Well, time has flown by, the owners kept me up to date on the kids and all was well until recently, when the goats learned how to escape out of their fenced yard and get on the busy road. Not good. With the situation as it was, the family needed to get rid of the girls before they got hit. So, we bought them back. Maybe once they get their fence fixed, they'll get some goats back from us ;). They obviously took very good care of the girls. . . they are very sweet and friendly, and very healthy.

Here's some pictures of them.

The above picture is "Pearl" as a baby when she was here. The below picture is Pearl yesterday when we got back to our place. Her mom is a Snubian and her dad is a MiniNubian. She clearly has her mother's stubborn personality ;). 

Above is "Truffles" as a baby here at our ranch. Below is Truffles last night. She is Pearl's sister.

These are the 2 MiniNubian doelings. Their dam is PawPawNin LaWanda and their sire is Wonderful Farm Shinning Topaz. The smaller one has blue eyes. In the picture above, the one on the left is "Sugar Baby" and the one on the right is "Caramel".
 Sugar Baby

On another note, very early yesterday morning, around 2:30am, a big red Boer doe of our's gave birth to 2 giant red bucklings. She had no problems birthing them, all on her own, and they figured out to nurse all by themselves. Perfect! These boys are very thick little things... will have to get some better pictures soon. They also both have wattles like their mother.

See ya later!



Charlotte said...

They are all beautiful. So glad you could take care of them so they didn't get hurt.