Saturday, November 19, 2011

Jr. Mint's relatives in our herd

I thought it would be fun to put up all the close relatives of Junior Mint that we currently have in the herd. Of course there are others that we used to have, MANY many kids of his that have been born and sold, and so forth ;).

Junior Mint's one and only sister. She is a half sister to him (same sire). Her name is PawPawNin LaWanda. She has been a very good, consistent milker.

Junior Mint's first daughter that was born here at our place, Good Goats Marshmallow Hug. She is out of a Nubian doe we used to own, The Milky Way Stars.

Good Goats JM Piglet is the same age as Hug, also a Junior Mint daughter. She has been a wonderful milker and a very easy keeper. She is out of Good Goats Vanilla Cream.

Good Goats JM Starlight is a 2 1/2 year old daughter of Junior Mint's. She has very nice type, but due to various things I have not been able to milk her yet. She is bred and due in March of next year. Her dam is Northwest Goats Lil' Prissy.

 Good Goats Junior MoMent is our 4th Junior Mint daughter. She is a super easy keeper and bred for April of next year. Besides her ears, I have been very pleased with her type. Her dam is Dream Weaver's MoReen (hence the name, MoMent "mo-mint").

Good Goats P Snickers is a Junior Mint granddaughter. Her dam is Good Goats Marshmallow Hug (a Jr. Mint daughter) and her sire is Dreamy-Hollow Parker. She is due in March of next year.

And last but not least, Good Goats MHP Pugsy is a Junior Mint grandson. He was born in February of this year, and he is doing just awesome. He's grown very well, and has bred many does this year already. His sire is Dreamy-Hollow's Parker and his dam is Good Goats Marshmallow Hug (he is full sister to Snickers, above, but is a year younger). He definitely got a lot of his "crazy buckyness" from his grandpa ;).

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Jr. Mint is very handsome.

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