Saturday, September 24, 2011

Broken Leg Update

Cleaopatra, the doe with the broken back leg, is doing very well. It's been 3 1/2 weeks since the break, and I have been meaning to change the splint for about a week and a half, but. . . it didn't happen till now ;). Anyway, I took the old splint off and it looked great. Her leg/hoof wasn't really wet or dirty at all. As far as the break goes, it seems to be healing a tad bit crooked, but only time will tell with that - I could barely tell now, it could just be the way she was holding it up.

So I re-splinted it. This time since I was a tad bit concerned about it healing a bit bent to the back, I put 3 sticks on her leg - one on the back, and one on each side. Probably should have done that with the first splint, but I think it'll be okay.

Everything else on the ranch is going well also! The picture below is Tic-Tac. If you don't remember him, he is the tiny kid that was born back in April weighing only 2 lbs. He is doing very well. . . still pretty small in size but is thriving and certainly not malnourished. . .

. . . especially if he's fed beautiful hay like this! :)

Last night we came home with 4 little girl kittens. . . awww. . .

And of course there are always new cows coming in and out of this place. As of today, we have 1 holstein heifer and 3 angus heifer calves.

Have a great weekend!!