Thursday, September 8, 2011

Labor Day Photos

Just a few pictures from our Labor Day! Besides normal morning and evening chores, we just relaxed and had a good day at my Grandma's house. I got home really late for milking (9pm), that was the latest I've milked in a loooong time but it all worked out and the goaties were fine ;).

There was lots of food. . .

I made some Cheeseballs for the party. The base was the simple ricotta cheese (brought to 180 degrees and made with AC vinegar), then I blended in crushed pineapple, apple, and sweetened coconut. After freezing it, I rolled it into small balls and rolled the balls in either sweetened coconut flakes, crushed nuts or chocolate chips (didn't get a pic of the chocolate chip ones... they were the best ;). They turned out yummy!

It was such a beautiful day out, and it has been the past couple days also. Definitely enjoying this break from the heat. On Labor Day though we played several rounds of volleyball. . . it was fun! Haven't really played much ever so it was good practice :). Now that we have a net maybe we can play more often.

Have a great day!