Monday, September 19, 2011

cattle, goats, and JitterBug

THings have been going pretty well here on the ranch. I finally have a few does bred ;).

Last week we added 5 heifers to the ranch. If anyone is looking to add one to their herd, let us know - we have several available!

I got this Longhorn heifer. . . she's a little thin, but is healthy and should gain some weight no problem.

We still have several goats available. Some nice purebred LaMancha bucklings, various doe kids and many adult does for sale. We need to slim the herd down some.

Speaking of slimming the herd down, ummm. . . we added another doe to the herd, LOL. We let someone use our livestock trailer, and so in exchange they gave us a beautiful Sable Saanen yearling. She is currently in milk, but not giving a whole lot (long story :)). But, her name is JitterBug and she is a very friendly lil' thing. She learned how to jump onto the dog house, and then onto the shed to eat the leaves of the trees.

And Tisha saw her up there and figured she should try it too. . .

So after getting both of them down, I moved the doghouse far away so they couldn't get up there again - don't want anymore broken goat legs :)!

Speaking of broken legs, the doe, Cleopatra, who broke her back leg is doing well. She is starting to put some weight on her leg, believe it or not. It's been 2 1/2 weeks now and it's time to take the splint off and redo it. I plan to do that soon. . . just finding the time and help is the problem ;).

Have a great day!



Jennifer said...

A goat for letting someone use your trailer is a good deal. She is very pretty! Wish money wasn't so tight right now, would love to find a couple heifers to buy and those look nice!