Friday, June 24, 2011

pasture pics

Last night after milking I went out with the camera and took some photos. The does usually go out and browse more after milking so we got some good pics!

this isn't out in the pasture, but I thought it was kinda cute!


the guard jenny, standing where the pond (that we drained) used to be,

fence line,

Helena (Saanen/Nubian cross),

the 2 herd queens,

Honey Bun. . . no, she is not pregnant ;),

the Mama Llama,



Prissy. . . she IS pregnant and due the end of July.

Pugsy, one of the bucklings from this year,

"Grandma", the queen of goats :). She goes out to pasture in the evening, but stays in the front yard during the day because it is too hot and she is too slow to keep up with the herd in the heat.

the black goat in the middle is Rhia. She is another "grandma goat", but she has lost most of her teeth, so doesn't really eat out in the pasture - she's just the "Watch Goat", I guess :)!!



And that's it for now!



Veronica said...

You have got me curious...How (or what maybe a better question) does Rhia eat if she has lost most of her teeth?

Good Goats said...

Good question :). She still has some of her back teeth, and only 2 front teeth (which aren't of much use because they are fairly loose). Twice a day she gets fed grain (she gets a lb of grain and a lb of alfalfa pellets each time - which she doesn't always finish). Every now and then she'll be loosing a tooth or her mouth will be sore for some reason, so I have to soak her grain in order for her to be able to eat it, but typically she just eats it dry like any other goat.

She will eat some hay, not a whole lot but some. And out in the pasture she eats a little bit - leaves and things, but can't eat the shorter grass.

ANYway, she stays in pretty good condition and kids and milks pretty well!

Head Gardener said...

Inevitably, when visiting your site I get a good laugh at a photo. Again, you delivered.