Friday, June 17, 2011

2 does left

Baby Ruth, a registered grade Nubian doe, is due and on day 145 today. She looks rather wide, and her udder is filling nicely. This will be her 3rd kidding, and she is bred to our LaMancha buck (because he was the only standard sized buck we had at the time besides the Boer). After Baby, Prissy (a purebred Nubian doe) is due the end of July. And then we are DONE. . . until we breed does to hopefully kid in December ;). I have decided I like kidding in cold weather MUCH much more than in warm weather. The kids get a better start and don't have to deal with any parasite issues till they are older, and that is also much easier on me. So my plan this year is to have does kidding from December thru March, and then be done. We'll see if it works as planned. . . I really hope it does! We also have a good couple handfuls of first fresheners that will be getting bred late this summer/early fall - I think there is around 10 of 'em out there - that'll make for a more stressful kidding season for sure! But we really haven't had many problem kiddings with our FFs. Hopefully it stays that way.

Just a few random pictures for you. . .

Have a good evening!