Monday, June 6, 2011

Frenchie kidded!

Frenchie is a 2 year old Mini Nubian doe. Late 2009 or early 2010, Frenchie got with the bucks somehow and got bred (and we didn't know). She was a bit young for a Mini to be bred, but thankfully, she did just fine and surprised us with a cute little doeling one day.

Well this last January, our blue eyed Mini Nubian buck, Topaz, broke out of the buck pen and my brother saw him breed Frenchie. So I calculated what I *thought* was the correct due date - which I thought was July 5th, and waited. The other day (June 1st) when Mom went out to let the does out to pasture, she saw Frenchie with a little buckling, all dry and standing! Obviously I miscalculated :). He's a cute little guy and is blue eyed, brown and white. Frenchie is doing well and is milking like a little pro again - even tho she is a bad goat who got bred 2 years in a row when I did not plan... but whatever ;).

Have a good day! I don't have any pictures right now of him but will try to get some soon.