Sunday, June 19, 2011

doelings we are keeping

We are keeping 4 doelings this year. 2 Mini Nubians and 2 LaMancha crosses. Here's some pictures of them and their names. . . although these are just their "barn names". . . haven't figured out what I am going to register them as.

This is "DD". Her sire is Dreamy-Hollow's HHB Lando and her dam is PawPawNin Ditzy Doris. She has blue eyes.

This is "Flapper". Her sire is  MercyFarms BW TOI Ranger (LaMancha) and her sire is Seqouyah Jems Mystic Journey (Alpine), although I don't have her papers (because she was sold to me as an unregistered goat, and then we saw that she was tattooed and found out that she was registered).

This is "Flipper". Her sire is the LaMancha buck (MercyFarms BW TOI Ranger) and her dam is Good Goats Vanilla Cream (Nubian).

And last but not least, this is "Lolita". Her sire is PawPawNin Quiet Wyatt and her dam is Good Goats JM Piglet. She is polled.

On another note, my brother got this heifer calf the other day. She must've just been weaned but was a bit too young I think, so he's taught her how to nurse out of a bottle. Isn't she just adorable!?!

This is "Berry", our little Nigerian buck. He is just the smallest thing ever but has a huge beard!

Ranger, the LaMancha buck. . .

And since I had the camera out this morning, here's a few of the other photos I shot ;).

Have a great day!



Veronica (I used to sign as Patient Acres Farm) said...

Ok....Flipper is my favorite! LOL!
They are all cute and I don't know how you can narrow it down to just a few that you decide to keep! I'd wanna keep em all! But then I'd have to feed them all *ahhh*! LOL!

I enjoy all your updates and pictures! Thanks for keeping us all posted.

Good Goats said...

Thank you Veronica ;). Nice to "see' you again!

What is your blog link (I used to have it but lost it)?