Boer Does

This page is a work in progress. . .

These are all the Boer does we currently have here at Good Goats.

This is Vibe. She is a 96.88% registered doe. She has horns, is very friendly, and is traditionally colored.Vibe has kidded three times and has had a total of 3 bucks, 2 does.

Good Goats Cruel Girl
Girlie is an abosolutey beautiful 98% Boer doe. She was born the end of March, 2008. She is traditionally colored and is a very sweet and friendly girl. She has blossomed into a beautiful doe and kidded in 2010 to one big nice buckling out of Ace!

Good Goats Reata
Reata is a 50% Boer/50% Nubian doe from 2007. She is a nice thick doe, yet is a great milker with a nice udder. She has kidded a few times, and in 2010 she kidded to a couple of really colorful and beautiful kids out of our buck, Ace.

Good Goats Buttermilk
Sister to the doe above, Buttermilk is a lot bigger than her sister. She also has a good udder, and is a big girl. She also had some colorful and nice kids out of our buck, Ace.

"Black doe"
This poor girl doesn't really have a name! She is just a crossbred meat goat, but is a super easy keeper. . . I think she could practically live off of rocks (just kidding :))! She is pure black and is a big girl. In 2010 she kidded to 2 white doelings out of Ace.