Sunday, March 17, 2013

Goodbye, Grandma Goat

Last night I tucked "Grandma" goat in as usual with her coat. Her two buddies, our special crooked-necked "Trauma" and "Gits" a 2 year old girl, slept next to her as usual. This morning we awoke to find that she had passed away during the night :(. She lived a long, spoiled life and was almost 13.

She only moved once in her life - when she was 9 years old her owner had to sell all her goats. She had spoiled Grandma goat incredibly and was so happy when we decided to buy her and her daughter Rosie. So, we moved Grandma, who's name was actually Maggie, and her daughter Rosie here and enjoyed them so much. Quickly "Maggie" got a nickname - Grandma, and it stuck.

She kidded in 2010, 2011 and 2012 to twins each time. I determined that 2012 would be the last time she would kid - she was too old to have babies again. She definitely showed the scars of motherhood with her old saggy udder and her ear that was half way bitten off - she was guarding her kids from a dog one year before we got her and the dog bit her ear halfway off.

For the last year, she has been a permanent resident in the milking barn and front yard, always with her coat on during cold days and nights. She loved to sunbathe and was a treat-eating-monster.

Her sweet old personality will certainly be missed in the barn. ♥



Kris said...

That's so sad to lose a favorite goat. I have never had this happen til a few weeks ago. I also lost my 11 year old LaMancha doe. My very first milk goat. She taught me a lot, that girl did. I never thought she'd die. I was looking for a goat retirement farm for her, so she could spend the rest of her days being spoiled. I think I had even asked you once. She was an onery old goat. But goodness, I miss her SO much. I would have driver her all the way out there too. All your goats are so pretty and healthy.