Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Kid pictures!

One of the Alpine does kidded to a buckling and doeling yesterday, making us go up to 42 kids for the year so far - 23 boys and 19 girls. Sunday and yesterday it was pretty warm and sunny... and the goat kids certainly enjoyed it, as well as us. Today it is windy and cold.

Here's a goat kid photo-overload. Enjoy!

Hope you all have a great day!



Kris said...

SO many kids! I love your pictures of them. They are all so pretty. So glad all is well with you and yours. Looks like you are a busy farm girl!

I'm finally milking twice a day again. And loving that milk.

Lisa said...

Love the pics, Suriyah. So sweet! And I love your blog (now following). We begin our goat farming journey this Friday when we get our 4 Toggenbergs. We are so excited we can hardly sleep at night! :) Looking forward to visiting you often and getting to know you better. And btw, do you have a subscribe gadget so I can get your posts delivered to my email?

Good Goats said...

Thank you Kris and Lisa!

Lisa, if you hit "join this site" on the right hand side I think that'll deliver my blog posts in your email whenever I post.

Congratulations on getting your goats! I'm always here to help if needed. I also am on FB a lot so we could connect on there ;)