Monday, March 25, 2013

51 Kids

Don't have a lot of new pictures right now as it's been very cold out the past few days. But, just a quick update.

Saturday evening Blueberry, one of our blue eyed MiniNubian does, kidded to triplets - 2 boys and a girl (last year she had 2 girls and a boy). All of them are blue eyed - hooray!

Just this morning Niniel, one of our black Alpine does, kidded to two doelings.

That puts our kid numbers at 51 for the year (so far!). We've only had 1 kid loss. There have been 27 bucklings and 24 doelings - not too bad girls! Praise the Lord for such a successful year so far. It has been fabulous.

See ya!



Kristin said...

51!!! Oh my goodness! I can't imagine that level of cuteness.