Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Kidding Season?

What does kidding mean? It is the term for a goat giving birth. A goat kids. A goat in labor is a goat kidding.

Kidding season - a time of year that every goat rancher looks forward to, and then half way through wishes that it was already over with.

Only if you are a crazy one and breed way too many goats. Then on top of that, you are even crazier because you attend almost every single birth and take all the babies away from their mothers, milk the does multiple times a day and bottle feed the babies every 6 hours.

You'll be covered in hay, baby goat spit, milk, colostrum, birthing fluids, placentas will be the dogs treats for the day, and if you are ever looking for a workout there is a guarantee there will always be a stall waiting to be mucked out.

Then at midnight when there are 30 kids to bottle and then again at 6am, you may come to a realization that you are truly insane.

But, it's fun. There are lots of bouncing babies to prove just how fun kidding season is. Lots of pails full of beautiful creamy milk, and lots of fresh butter and cheese.

So who wants to visit Liberty Ranch in a few weeks when we are knee-deep in kids and witness the blissfulness of goat dairying, and maybe pull a few babies out?

Okay, I was kidding about the blissful part. But it's cool.