Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Photos from the week

We had a busy week. A good busy week. Thursday we had Thanksgiving at my Grandma's house with my whole family. Lots of food, laughter, photos and of course a little dancing and music. Fast forward to Saturday and we had a wedding to go to. Sunday was the final game for the league my brothers/dad/cousins are in. They made it to the final game and were the champions, for the second season in a row.

Monday was a very busy day. We had a late Thanksgiving party/birthday party/welcome home party on Monday night. So, guess what we did all day? Cooked and cleaned, cooked and cleaned. It all came together nicely though and we had a great time. There was tons of food, as usual. We played a few games, hung out, chatted and laughed with everyone. Once most everyone was gone and it was past midnight, those of us who are late nighters kicked off our heels and did some dancing. By that time it was nearly one o'clock in the morning, so we figured we'd better clean up the house and head to bed. Good idea, since we didn't get to sleep till after 2am!

me and Grace,


Hannah really rockin' out,

this would have been a really cool picture if my sweet little brother hadn't gotten his little head in the way!

While we were a bit more busy with all the partying, farm work still has to be done. Animals have to be fed twice a day, the goats have to be milked twice a day. Ranch life goes on, no matter what.

the old "Grandma" goat on the ranch. She's almost 13 years old.

my Mom with a little package!

Stay warm!