Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Nashville Trip

This past weekend me, 2 of my sisters, my older brother and a friend took a trip to Nashville TN for the Music City Liberty Fest. We had a great weekend, the event was put together very well and it was great to see everyone. Thanks for having us!!

Just a few pictures from the trip.

My brother Norayah, and sisters Ezriyah and Qadoshyah,

The view from our 4th floor hotel room,

A sign that is very true,

Dan Hagan and Barbie Dunn, 2 of the main organizers of MCLF,

Barbie, Ez and Q

A photo from Tampa - me, Mat Larson and Q,

Qadoshyah took the stage for a few minutes and spoke at Music City Liberty Fest. I'll put the video below.

Jordan Page and Tatiana Moroz singing

Jordan has some fabulous songs,

Tatiana too,

Dan did a great job with his songs!

The big group performing Stand Up America by Cat Beach.

Qadoshyah's speech,

Remember to vote today! Stand on principle, and if the ones on the ballot don't agree with the things you believe in, then do not vote for them! But please, make your voice heard and go to the polls.

Have a great day.