Friday, January 6, 2012

Ron Paul for President

As you very well know if you are a regular reader of my blog, you probably have noticed by now that I typically stay on topic (farm, goats, etc) and don't post much off-topic or political things. Well, now is the time for going "off topic", or what you may think is off topic because in reality, it is not.

This year, 2012, is an election year. Our country is in bad shape - in extreme debt, a very bad economy, lack of jobs, too big of a government and abortion is legal. Since Obama became president, our country has gone a downhill slide of more and more debt and big government. This country needs help.

With the 2012 Presidential Election coming up this November, it is very important that you research and make an informed vote. Get out and vote. Let your voice be heard.

President Obama is running for re-election. We certainly don't want him as President for another 4 years. The other Republican candidates are more of the same - big government, bad foreign policies. But there is one very exceptional candidate running for the 2012 election - his name is Ron Paul. He is not more of the same. He would massively reduce the nation's debt, change our foreign policies, get our country out of other people's business and bring our troops home. He would overturn Roe vs. Wade making abortion illegal. The list goes on and on.

In 2011 Ron Paul also received more donations from active military personnel than all other Republican candidates and Obama combined. I think that says something right there.

Here are a few videos and websites for more info on Ron Paul. I urge you to watch these videos and look at these websites, and make a decision for yourself. If you care about the future of this country, please vote.

Why Ron Paul -

Ron Paul 2012 Official Campaign Website

This video shows why so many people support Ron Paul:

The below video shows Ron Paul's stand on foreign policy and Israel:

Below is one of Ron Paul's ads:

And one more - this is a very good video on why YOU should vote for Ron Paul. Adherence to the Oath.

So you might ask, what can I do? Get out, spread the word, join Facebook pages such as Ron Paul and Ron Paul Revolution and many, many others. If you have never voted before, register to vote and when it's time to, go VOTE.

Stand up for freedom and liberty. Vote Ron Paul 2012.



Anonymous said...

Wonderful article! I'm so glad that you're spreading the word and that you take an interest in America! Thank you so much!!

Anonymous said...

Suriyah, Thank you for your lovely assessment of Candidate Paul. Ron Paul, all the way! Hopefully all of you young people will make it to the polls!

Anonymous said...

Bravo! Bravo! Once a Ron Paul supporter, always a Ron Paul supporter!

Good Goats said...

Thank you all for your support!!

Some may wonder why I, as young as I am, am so passionate about political things. Why? Because I care about the future of our country. All things being equal, what happens now will effect my generation much more than any other. And if I want to have a part and change this country for the better, then ALL of us need to get out and care, not just sit back and do nothing.

Diaryblogger said...

politics are such efficient dividers of people. I only recently found your blog and have been enjoying looking through your posts and pictures as we ourselves prepare for the arrival of our first mini nubians in the spring.

I am happy to see anyone actively paying attention to politics and the state of the nation/world, even if I do disagree with them. Only now that I know how very very different your political outlook is from mine, it puts a sad and frustrating layer of difference between us. It is silly since I don't actually know you and you certainly don't know me, but I find myself wanting to hotly debate your political views and defend the president and what I love about his efforts in a hard time. But that is no fun at all. It brings me no joy whatsoever.

I will continue reading your blog and try to just focus on the fun things you post and the things we DO have in common, while putting aside the huge differences that I can now see between us.

Good Goats said...


Thank you for commenting. Thing is, politics don't have to be such dividers of people. If folks just have an open mind, and can talk things through it doesn't have to be such a "taboo" subject.
I feel very strongly about my political views, as I feel very strongly for standing up for freedom.
"They" say to not talk about politics with family or friends - you know what, I talk about politics with almost anybody and everybody. Great way to start the conversation - "so who are you voting for". And if you say you are voting for someone else, I may explain my position to you how I don't view things that way, but am not going to "crucify" you for such views.

After all, this IS my blog and I can post what I want on it - thanks to freedom of speech that we may loose one day. I feel that politics play a HUGE role in how I live my life, how I can raise my animals (or not), what food I can (or cannot) eat, and how much liberty and freedom I have along with so much more.

If you want to talk, I'm game for it. If not, no problem. Hope I didn't offend you.

Take care,

Diaryblogger said...

Nope, I am not offended by what you posted. I disagree with a bunch of it, such as politics not needing to be divisive. I think politics are divisive by nature, it is groups of people all standing up for the different things they want and the different ideals they share. We can't all get what we want, so it it a hard scrabble between different groups of people.

I say talk politics all you like. As you point out- it is your blog. I just thought that, as you are choosing to put it on a blog and not a diary, you might be interested (and maybe even amused) to see how your readers feel about your posts. As long as the good goats blog is about goats and farm issues, I'll be a happy reader. If you choose to revisit politics I think you will still have many happy readers as the other comments have shown. I just will get my goaty news elsewhere, and that is not a big deal, you will be fine with or without this one reader :)
That being said, I do want to say that I find Ron Paul to be an interesting political character. I like how he sticks to his guns even though I disagree with just about everything be fights for. Still, he doesn't seem to get anything done in Washington. It's tricky. Sticking to your ideals is awesome and all politicians can take a lesson from him on that. But getting results is key, especially in this hard time. and he doesn't do that (though he truly seems to try) So I doubt he'll find enough supporters to win the republican candidacy. Only time will tell though...


Good Goats said...

Well, thank you for commenting anyway Diaryblogger :). I certainly do like to hear from my readers. Going to do a blog post about an interesting goat birth that happened today - so stay tuned ;).

For peace and freedom,