Tuesday, January 17, 2012

a few photos

Just a few photos from around the ranch the past couple of days.

"Mama Llama" on the left and "Peppy" on the right,

Peppy was a year old on January 6th. He's gotten rather large! He is such a good boy though, and really cares about his goats and sheep, and watches them very well.

One of the Boer/cross meat kids,

Saturday afternoon I went out to check on a doe, and found a different doe with 2 kids at her side. She had just birthed them. A boy and a girl. Very good! She will raise these kids for a few weeks, then I will start to milk her, and when the kids are weaned at a few months she'll be getting milked full time. She is part of my brother's meat operation - using Nubian dairy does to kid meat kids, have them raise the kids until selling age and then we get to milk the doe. Sounds like a plan to me!

Have a good evening! I gotta go!