Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Flooring!

So I'm back to posting, for now ;). Last week we had flooring delivered for our new barn. So, we had to take EVERYTHING out of the barn (milkstands, rubber mats, a giant shelf, etc etc). Once it was delivered, we had the job of spreading and leveling it. Thanks to lots of help from family and the tractor with a roller on it, the floor is very nice now.

One evening we had to milk outside though, because it wasn't quite done. Thankfully, it was only once and by the next morning we had a milkstand set back up inside the barn. Now everything is back into place...will have to get pictures.

Wednesday night we got a light dusting of snow. The wind was howling and it was FREEZING cold for a couple days there.

Not too much else to update on the ranch. Yesterday we did get a very nice Nubian doe that just recently kidded - I plan to do a blog post on her hopefully tomorrow or sometime soon :).

Hope you have a great weekend!