Thursday, October 1, 2009

More Mastitis info, and update

I was asked to be a little more specific on amounts, etc. So here is some more info, as requested.

For the *exterior* of the udder, mix 2 tablespoons Peppermint oil to 1 cup carrier oil (palm, coconut, etc). Rub this on the outside of the udder at least 2x a day.

For the *interior* of the udder, mix 1 tablespoon Peppermint oil to 1 cup carrier oil. And now this is for the quarter of a COW udder - take 10 cc in a VERY clean/sterile syringe. Put it to the orifice of the udder, and squirt it in. I do *not* stick the syringe in the udder, just put it to the orifice and squirt it in. Pretty easy, at least for me :). Do this 2x a day.

I was also told to add a couple of drops of Tea Tree oil to both the exterior and interior mixtures as this will help a lot. I don't have any though at the moment. Also, the more times a day you milk, the better.

For updates on other stuff on the ranch - not a whole lot, I guess. The posts and top rails for the new buck barn are in and done, so just the roof and sides need to be done.

The weather has been rather cool lately. It's time to put the double-bubble insulation back in the does' barn, and hopefully tomorrow we can finish putting the sides on the other small shed that we were re-doing. So lots to do.

Tomorrow my cousin is going to a horse show near Oklahoma City, and is picking up a very handsome 2 year old Boer buck for my brother. He is a very nice buck! He's about 200 lbs right now, and still has lots of time to grow. Once we get him, I'll try and get some good pictures of him and post them on here.

We still have the paint Boer buck for sale, and the Fainter/Boer/Nubian buckling and Boer/Nubian doe available also.

I'm getting tired now. . . was gone all day then went and played soccer. SO, have a good night!



Anonymous said...

Hey Suriyah,
Thanks for the great mastitis treatment info!

I have a Nubian doe that has what I've been told is subclinical mastitis: low production on one side which gives her a lopsided udder, but none of the other mastitis symptoms. Any suggestion for how much to infuse into the udder? She probably weighs about 140.

Thanks and God bless!

Michaela (NW MO)

Good Goats said...

Hi Michaela,

You're welcome!

I would probably just infuse a few cc/mLs in there, and adjust as needed. With the cow, I used to infuse 5-10 cc per infected quarter. So with a goat a couple cc should be fine.

You know, I just thought of another thing. This may sound weird but it's kind of like a natural antibiotic. I used it once before on a doe and it worked great. Milk out the infected side and let the doe drink some - if she won't drink it, drench her with about 60 cc of it, twice a day. It gives the doe antibodies to fight against it or something like that, lol.

Hope she gets better quick for you!